Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Under the Blankets: Printmakers Together
 May 4-July 8, 2018

About Us

The Pittsburgh Print Group (PPG) is a non-profit organization of artists who work in various approaches to fine art printmaking. Founded in 1972, PPG is dedicated to artistic excellence and the perpetuation of printmaking as an art form by providing its members with exhibition opportunities throughout the southwestern Pennsylvania region and tri-state area.

Exhibitions that have far reaching audiences combined with outreach and educational opportunities are PPG’s primary activities. Members develop proposals for exhibitions in private galleries, museums and other appropriate venues, and create educational events open to members and the public through demonstrations, artist talks and workshops.

Events & Exhibits


Under the Blankets - Printmakers Together is an exhibition of recent work by 29 Pittsburgh Print Group members and 29 invited printmakers from the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Participating PPG members chose a printmaker from an extensive list of accomplished artists to exhibit alongside the group, providing an opportunity for members to connect with exceptional printmakers in  neighboring rust belt states.  This exhibit will forge a creative dialogue that expands artistic vision and strengthens the ties that bring printmakers, the broader artist community, and the public together.

This exhibition showcases a broad spectrum of  printmaking techniques and approaches that include traditional silkscreen, intaglio, lithography, relief, letterpress, monoprint and monotype,  as well as installation, artist books, zines, and  experimental prints that combine video, animation, and sound. Many of the prints in the exhibition focus on contemporary issues and global concerns, while other works explore personal and spiritual themes. 

A lecture and guided gallery talk by Imin Yeh, Exhibition Project Advisor, will be presented at our Opening Reception on Friday, May 4th, 7:00 – 8:00 PM at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  Exhibiting artists as well as the public will have an opporunity to view the exhibit and to interact with some of the finest printmakers in the region.


Exhibition photographs provided by Marc Snyder and Aaron Regal

Special Thanks to our sponsors

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts/Pittsburgh Filmmakers
 The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
The Fine Foundation
 Jack Buncher Foundation
Dollar Bank

More special thanks to our exhibition organizers!

Leslie Golomb Exhibition Co-Chair
Aaron Regal Exhibition Co-Chair
Sharon Wilcox President
Paula Garrick Klein  Secretary
Rachel Saul Rearick  Media and PR
Imin Yeh Exhibition Project Advisor
Jessica Brown PCA Gallery Programs Manager
Thomas Brown PCA Lead Art Installer
Hannah Altman PCA Art Installer
Gwen Sadler  PCA Art Installer
Maritza Mosquera Community Engagement
Michelle Brown Community Engagement
Nancy Flury Carlson Community Engagement
JoAnne Bates Community Engagement
Jennifer Rockage McGhee Community Engagement

PPG Exhibitors
Stephanie Alaniz
Crystala Armagost
Jo-Anne Bates
Christie Strub Biber
Michelle Browne
Haylee Ebersole
Nancy Flury Carlson
Petra Fallaux
Abigail Franzen-Sheehan
Keith Garubba
Leslie Golomb
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
Paula Garrick Klein
Laura Krasnow
Crystal Latimer
Christina Lee
Ignacio Lopez
Joseph Lupo
Maria Mangano
Jennifer Rockage McGhee
Maritza Mosquera
Thomas Norulak
Mick Opalko
Richard Palmer
Rachel Saul Rearick
Aaron Regal
Marc Snyder
Tresa Varner
Sharon Wilson-Wilcox



Invited Artists PA
Francine K. Affourtit
Amze Emmons
Leslie Friedman
Ciara Gray
Kellie Hames
Richard Hricko
Katie Kaplan
Valerie Leuth
Alex Lukas
William Mathie
Alexis Hugo Nutini
Hester Stinnet
Shelly Thorstensen
Mary Tremonte
Alisha Wormsley

Invited Artists WV
Zach Fitchner
Jake Guzan
Robert Howsare
Sarah McDermott

Invited Artists OH
Amy Casey
Amanda Curreri
Arron Foster
Kathie McGhee
Taryn McMahon
Ellen Price
Arturo Rodriquez
Emily Sullivan Smith
Sergio Soave
Anna Tararova



An exciting public roundtable discussion featuring local arts administrators Fran Flaherty, Charlotte Ka, Duncan MacDiarmid, Maritza Mosquera, Anne Mulgrave, Rachel Saul Rearick, Errol "Mobutu" Reynolds, Aaron Regal, Zena Ruiz, Fitzhugh Shaw, Tresa Varner and Marcel Walker

Thursday, June 14th
Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Free and open to the public – no reservations required

American sign language interpreters provided

In cities around the globe, there is an exciting movement afoot to share ideas and models that help connect artists more deeply with their communities. This roundtable discussion led by Rachel Saul Rearick, Arts and Culture Manager, Pittsburgh International Airport will focus on relationship building and the core of the relationship as mutuality. While audience development works to have members of the public feel a relationship with the arts as created and/or presented by the artist or organization, community engagement seeks to develop relationships that potentially transform both individuals external to the arts and the art itself.

Learn from Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Anne Mulgrave, Manager of Grants and Accessibility about grant opportunities and reimbursement that provide arts and culture organizations to conduct outreach programs, accommodate patrons with disabilities and current initiatives. Also listen to lesser known small arts guilds and organizations that work quietly but efficiently toward social change.

Special Thanks to our sponsors at Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Fine Foundation, Jack Buncher Foundation, and Dollar Bank! 


We write for the same reason that we walk,
talk, climb mountains or swim the
oceans – because we can. We have
some impulse within us that makes us
want to explain ourselves to other
human beings. That’s why we paint,
that’s why we dare to love-someone
because we have the impulse to
explain who we are.

Maya Angelou

Finding our Mountain, is a community engagement program of the Pittsburgh Print Group led by Maritza Mosquera, an artist, educator and community-transformation partner. This project was designed specifically for a group of mentors and mentees associated with Be a Middle School Mentor – United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania and meets Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities Department of Education.

A school pre-visit was led by Mosquera to introduce the program. Mentor and mentees completed a language and poetry lesson followed by a drawing session that would later be used in conjunction with a printmaking project. The next week mentors and mentees came to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for a lively building self-esteem presentation by Anne Mulgrave, Manager of Grants and Accessibility, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. This was followed by a
tour of Under the Blankets, Printmakers Together guided by exhibiting artists. And finally, an inky session in the studio took place where mentors and mentees combined their language and art skills to create an original print inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem.

“We all have the impulse to explain who we are” and the Pittsburgh Print Group would like to personally thank Rev. Dr. T. Charles Howell IV, Mentor Director of Mount Ararat Community Activity Center for his tireless leadership to guide others toward mutuality.


The Pittsburgh Print Group is an affiliated guild of Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PF/PCA). This guild affiliation provides PPG with exhibition opportunities at PCA and use of the facilities at both PCA and PF.