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The Pittsburgh Print Group proposes an exhibition that asks artists to visually explore the power, function and universality of memory: its origins and creation; its visual expressions and sensory triggers; its verity and distortions; its importance in the stories of our lives as the reservoir of remembrance.

Memory is the capacity of retaining and reviving, recalling and recognizing mental impressions. It can be elusive or crystalline in its recall. A flash of color, a quality of light, a smell or a strain of music may conjure up something as unexplainable as deja vu, something as exacting as a video recording or as ineffable as a mood. Memory has the power to call up the imprint of the past in both the physical world and the psychological one; but because memory is subjective it may also be selective, false, distorted, blocked, recovered, buried or invented. Memories may be shared as part of a larger history or secretive and sublimated. While memory may be the act of finding the past in time, memory can also be lost for all time. Although time is largely experienced in a linear way, memory of experience in time is more circular and spontaneous. Time and memory, it seems, are bound together in our human experience forming the foundations of our identities as individuals, families, even nations.

Memory evokes both literal and abstract images. There are many triggers to inspire the creation of artwork based on memory in its many forms. Use the visual cues of color, shape, form and line abstractly or literally. Consider the larger sensory arsenal of touch, smell and sound as tools to further communicate and evoke the experience of memory from your point of view. Create a visual and sensory synthesis that becomes a metaphor for memory.

This exhibition is open to all artists in the region. A printmaking process - relief, intaglio, silkscreen, lithography, monotype - must be central to the execution of all entries. Photographs and digital images may be used as part of the final image but may not stand alone.

This exhibition will open at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts on April 8, 2011 and will run through May 22. Please watch for the complete prospectus which will be posted on this website.